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Wilderness at your doorstep

The 'Untamed' resort collection provides ultimate luxury and comforts amidst the wild. Connect with nature and indulge in fine luxuries simultaneously as you detach from the bustling world outside. With luxury camping sites, enjoy the wilderness in comfort and style or stay at a chic resort built amidst lush foliage with open showers and a panoramic view of breathtaking surroundings making you feel like it's only an arms-length reach towards nature's most exotic creations. Let the resort arrange exhilarating Safari's to spot the majestic leopards or witness the wild Sri Lankan tuskers as you explore. The exotic birds, the spotted deer, sloth bears and peacocks are just a few of the other exquisite creatures who will welcome you to their playground. Unwind, conquer and relax all at once in the wild at breathtaking resorts.