Unawatuna is a coastal town in southern Galle district Sri Lanka. Unawatuna is very popular among travelers because of the picturesque semi circular bay beach that stretches no more than one kilometer.all so the area has greatest potential attraction for eco-tourism was the marsh land or mangrove, Kadolana.The wreck of “Rangoon”- the British steamer sunken 100 years ago, can be found lying upright with its masts intact. This is a popular diving site in Unawatuna. Diving schools at Unawatuna are available offering services to diving enthusiasts: they assist, equip and guide tourists to engage in diving activities. Jungle Beach is on the opposite side of the main beach. It’s a bit hidden and definitely not as easy to visit as the main beach. Many tourists skip or don’t know about Jungle Beach, which makes it a lot more quite

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