Feb 13, 2015

A luxurious spa treatment for a quick fix while in Colombo

Don't you just hate jet-lag? That tired exhausted feeling where you wonder for a moment whether it's day or night after a long flight. Doesn't the time difference really get to you when you travel to a country far away?

Colombo is an eclectic city full of life and if you're in Colombo and in need of a quick fix to recover from stress of jet-lag, make sure to visit one of Colombo's luxurious Spa's for an unforgettable experience.

Spa Treatment in Sri Lanka

Yes you guessed it right! Just like any other Asian country Colombo too has a share of dodgy "Spas" that you might want to avoid, hence this is our guide to help you choose the best among the best.

Spa Sri Lanka

As you might be already aware Sri Lanka has an Ayurveda history dating back to thousands of years and these native treatments are still carried out by Native doctors using herbs, flowers and other natural ingredients. Ayurveda and spas go hand in hand in Sri Lanka with this rich history. Natural organic treatment approaches inspired by Ayurveda techniques are carried at almost all of these Spas.

Spa Ceylon

Spa Ceylon is the epitome of all things luxurious and Sri Lankan. Inspired the ancient Ayurveda methods, all products are locally produced using organic herbs and natural ingredients. The high standards and superior quality of these Spas makes it an incredible experience. The intimate treatment spaces will instantly put you at ease and calm your senses. The luxurious interior and the subtle aromas are added bonuses when you visit Spa Ceylon. The experienced therapists will do wonders on your sore muscles as you relax and revive.

Spa Treatment in Sri Lanka

Azmaara Spa located at 6 of the star class hotels in Sri Lanka has its Colombo branch at Cinnamon Lakeside hotel. The Spa interior is inspired by Balinese traditions and the calming aura when you step in will bring you peace. The treatments are designed to help you achieve ultimate relaxation and rejuvenation.

Ayurvedic Spa Ingredients

Kemaara Spa is a quaint spa in Colombo offering fantastic treatments with products made locally with organic herbs and natural ingredients. Kemaara is an affordable Spa with experienced therapists. The treatments are somewhat inspired by Ayurveda and ancient Indian inspired methods and our favourites are the Aromatherapy treatments which will leave you relaxed and glowing.

Spa Treatment in Sri Lanka

Angsana City Club and Spa located at Crescat is a luxurious venue to re-energize. With signature Spa treatments to choose from this elite spa is a spectacular place to relax and rejuvenate.

Ayurveda Treatment

Siddhalepa Ayurveda Spa is a renowned venue to get authentic Ayurveda treatments for an affordable price by experts. The treatments are specially designed at curing physical ailments and to regain stability and strength.

Ayurveda Treatment in Sri Lanka

This is our ultimate guide to Spa-ing out in Colombo. If you're in this vibrant city, make sure to pop in to one of these great Spas for an unforgettable treatment.