Feb 13, 2015

A world of decadent gourmet delights!

Sri Lanka is an Island full of vibrant flavours inspired by the native cuisine, South Asian cuisine and European influence.

While the native cuisine is bursting with robust intense flavours of a variety of spices and Coconut cream, it is prepared in many different ways to suit the palates of those tasting it.

Restaurant in Colombo

Colombo is the most diverse city in Sri Lanka as far as cuisine is concerned. Places to eat in Colombo are in abundance and a healthy mix of fine dining, mid-scale and lower budget restaurants including flavourful street food are almost everywhere.

Seafood Sri Lankan Cuisine

Although Sri Lanka is surrounded by the Indian Ocean, Seafood is still considered somewhat luxury, hence it's slightly more expensive than other meats. However Seafood is abundantly available and prepared at almost any restaurant.

Pol Sambol Sri Lankan Cuisine

Authentic Sri Lanka cuisine is an experience like no other, the marriage of Spices and Coconut cream is an absolute delight, be it a vegetarian or a non-vegetarian Sri Lankan dish. The Curry Leaf at the Hilton Colombo and Nugagama at Cinnamon Grand hotel, Upali's by Nawaloka are some of our picks for Sri Lankan cuisine.

Chinese Cuisine in Sri Lanka

Sri Lankanized Chinese food is available almost anywhere. We call it Sri Lankanized because it has its own Sri Lankan twist to the original Chinese flavours and it's amazing. Although Chinese restaurants are everywhere, there are some that get it right more than the others. Long Feng at the Cinnamon Lakeside hotel, The Golden Dragon at the Taj Samudra, Tong Ni Barbeque in Colombo 3 are some of our most loved Chinese places.

Sri Lankan Crab Dish

Our favourite Seafood restaurants are many but out of the lot our utmost favourites are Lagoon at the Cinnamon Grand Hotel and Ministry of Crab at the Dutch Hospital precinct.

Sri Lankan Bar

If it's just a drink and a pub grub you're looking for, you have many options. The Inn on the Green, The Echelon Pub at the Hilton, Cheers Pub at Cinnamon Grand, Manchester offers the ambience of a typical English inspired pub with premium beverages and fantastic pub grub. The burgers at the Cheers Pub are excellent and the food at the Echelon Pub will make you want to go there during each visit.

Trendy Bar in Sri Lanka

Trendy bars cannot be forgotten when discussing food in Colombo, and we suggest that you have your evening drinks and Tapas at one of the stylish bars where food is inspired by global cuisine. Visit the 7 degrees north, Sky Lounge, Breeze Bar, Dutch Hospital precinct, On 14 at the Ozo, Colombo, Sugar 41 for some premium Cocktails and delicious food.

Sri Lankan Kottu

As mentioned street food is almost everywhere, so don't forget to taste a spicy Kottu Roti topped with cheese to complete your gourmet cravings in this magical Island.

Sri Lankan Rice and Curry