Nov 27, 2014

Anilana Pasikuda, a luxurious oasis!

The journey to Pasikuda from Colombo was an unforgettable experience through newly built roads and impressive developments that I witnessed along the way.

Passing polonnaruwa it was rather an emotional ride through the war affected areas undergoing post war developments which brought immense happiness to me as a Sri Lankan. As I drove up to the grand entrance at Anilana Pasikuda, it was a sense if calmness that overwhelmed me. We were greeted eagerly by the reception staff and was offered a chalet overlooking the magnificent pool and the turquoise Ocean. Although the chalet did not bear an influx of furniture and gadgets, it was a luxurious sanctuary with all modern amenities and a spacious bathroom. Simplicity is the concept at Anilana and yet have not compromised on luxury and modern comforts, where opposing elements have been blended effortlessly.

We were warmly greeted by the General Manager, Mr. Thushara Ariyawansa Whose experience comes from cosmopolitan back grounds such as Bermuda and New York. He is a warm hearted, energetic individual who is a Food and Beverage specialist with an extensive knowledge in hospitality. His pleasing nature and admirable leadership skills keep the well experienced team at Anilana motivated and inspired to provide their guests a truly memorable experience. You might even catch a glimpse of him flaring the Cocktail shakers at the signature bar while unwinding in the lobby.

The highlight of all the meals were the freshly baked bread basket which I am yet to compare to another. The cuisine at Anilana is out of the ordinary as all meals are freshly prepared with the freshest ingredients with a touch of Anilana specialty. Seafood is in abundance and could be prepared to your liking at every meal. When speaking to the Executive Chef Indrajith Kumara, he didn’t fail to mention that they strive in serving freshly prepared food which are made to order. I must add that the Chicken Parmagiana and seafood is a must have at this exquisite resort as the flavours create an explosion on your palate with every bite. During meals, Chef Indrajith will pay you a courtesy visit to your table to receive your feedback on his delicious dishes.

The most unique feature of this enticing property is the natural pool at their private beach which is formed by reefs in the Ocean, a perfect location to take a dip and bask yourself in the glorious surroundings along with a stunning view of the sunset. Anilana Pasikuda is a luxurious landmark in Pasikuda where bliss awaits with endless comforts.