Jan 1, 2018

Be prepared for a Whale of a time in Sri Lanka.

Want to witness a striking blue whale graciously appearing between the deep blue oceans? Then you're in the right place

Between March to April and August to September you ought to visit our beautiful golden sandy beaches, especially Mirissa and Trincomalee as they're the hottest destinations for Whale- watching.  

whale watching mirissa trincomale sri lanka

You will be very fortunate to witness an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity as you can get up-close and personal with these beautiful humongous blue whales in particular appearing amidst the vast blue waters.

whale watching mirrissa

Trincomalee is renowned for its marine life, where hoard of tourist visit to see the corals and other destinations such as the Pigeons Island. You should be prepared in comfortable clothing, sun block, field guides and carry your cameras for a whale-watching excursion. The Blue Whales are known to migrate across the Island and mostly seen in Trincomalee from March-April and August- September. You're bound to eyewitness a number of large Blue Whales and smaller Sperm Whales and Dolphins are seen as well.

whale watching mirrisa sri lanka

These gracious ocean giants could also be seen in Mirissa, which is also a popular destination in the island for its ocean life. Apart from its exciting water-based activities, you're able to spot Blue Whales, Sperm whales, Fin whales and some dolphins of all kinds. A local guide will assist you in hopping in to an observation boat that could accommodate about 30+ passengers and the ideal time for a whale watching excursion in Mirissa would be November/ December till April.

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Make Whale-watching a part of your holiday itinerary as you'll be thrilled to witness some endangered and magnificent sea creatures while you enjoy a stay at a lavish boutique hotel within the borders of the golden sandy beaches of Sri Lanka's East and South Coast.