Jan 30, 2017

Book your Beach Hotels in Sri Lanka

What's the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of Sri Lanka? Yes, the golden sandy beaches which is laced all around the beautiful Island.

Best way to pass you time is to sip a Mai Tai in your beach wear getting a golden tan under the glistening sun.

Isn't it just a dreamy feeling to be in flip flops, designer shades and an over-sized sun hat in your beach attire? Well all this is exactly what you should be doing during your next trip to the exotic Island of Sri Lanka.

While the beaches all around Sri Lanka will certainly take your breath away, we have our own favourites. So get your swimming gear and your favourite bikinis and head down to Sri Lanka where Island life couldn't get any better.

Bentota Beach


Unawatuna an ideal escape for those of you looking for a quick beach fix. The waters are clear and blue and the cafes and restaurants won't disappoint you. However, this is not your ideal long term beach vacation hot spot, as stated before this is perfect for a quick stop while travelling through. For all you party goers, the occasional 'I Love UNA' parties are a must experience. The vibes are fantastic and the music is everything you need.



Mirissa, yes this is the latest buzz around the beach scene. The sun, sand, pristine beach, the works.. Popular as one of the most amazing Whale watching spots in the world, Mirissa is your ultimate deal. The town is increasingly getting its fair share of stylish boutique resorts and the cafes and restaurants are perfect hangouts for those of you looking to just relax and sip a drink. The easy going ambience and the buzzing nightlife in Mirissa makes it one of the favourite places of all beach lovers in Sri Lanka. So head over, take your first look at the gigantic world famous blue whale or just hop on to a lounger and do nothing all day.



Negombo is an awesome city with amazing beaches and landscapes located close to Bandaranayaka International Airport. With decent & luxurious hotels, Negombo is serving the travelers over the years.  In 1640, Portuguese captured the town and then the British acquired Negombo in 1796. Negombo has historical and economical value and it was one of the best source of cinnamon during Dutch era. No need to think twice if you are going for a beach vacation to Negombo, you will enjoy a complete tropical island escape with most luxurious resorts in Sri Lanka.

Best Beach Hotels in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a paradise for beach lovers and the exquisite resorts which cater to the beach lovers are in abundance. We have carefully chosen the best of the best and presented to you an avenue to luxury beachfront resorts.

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Hummanya Blow Hole


Hummanya is a natural wonder also known as "blow hole" located in southern coast (Kudawella, Sri Lanka). It's popular among travelers as a breathtakingly mysterious creation by nature. Volumes of sea water whistle upwards through a hole from beneath a large rock in the coast.  This is the second largest blowhole in the world & do not ever miss it because it has geological value and it's an amazing creation of nature.

Arugam bay

Arugam Bay

Arugambay is known as the most popular surfing destination in Sri Lanka. With its occasional surfing events, Arugambay is home to spectacular beaches in the country. A slow paced Island life is what you get in this charming hideaway.

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Trincomalee Nilaveli Beach


Trincomalee boasts of breathtaking beaches and waterfront locations in South Asia or we would say even the world (without sounding too bias). The turquoise waters will instantly take your breath away and the golden un-spoilt beaches will be the most inviting bed you've seen in a long time. Home to many luxurious resorts, it also offers modest accommodation if the beach is where you want to spend most of your time.

Want to find out the latest special deals in Sri Lanka? Here's our list of special beach holiday offers in Sri Lanka, compiled just for you. We believe that a little indulgence during a holiday is always welcomed by you. Have a look and choose an offer that best suits you or go ahead and choose all... After all a holiday should be a little over the top once in a way don't you think? Enjoy!