Nov 13, 2015

Carting Around the Island of Sri Lanka

A visit to Sri Lanka is incomplete without a sightseeing tour around the island which is full of gorgeous sights from lush hills to green paddy fields, tea plantations, quaint villages, golden beaches and historic sites. And we're not talking about a 'fly-by' tour here.

You really need to take the time to immerse yourself in the local culture and truly experience the essence of Sri Lanka.

So forget about plane rides and driving around in a boring old van. Try something traditional - and different! How about making your way around to some of the nicest places on the island in a bullock cart? Bullock Cart? Yes! It's pretty unconventional and definitely an adventure!

Bullock carts are not uncommon in Sri Lanka. They are actually quite a frequent site in the rural areas, and sometimes you may even see the solitary bullock cart trudging its way down the main roads of Colombo amidst the heavy traffic…..

But imagine visiting some beautiful sites around Sri Lanka in a bullock cart….it really is a novel prospect….Now, tourists are able to hire a bullock cart from the town of Habarana in the North Central Province of Sri Lanka which is centrally-located to reach the country's main historic sites and see some lovely scenery as well. And what makes this ride exceptional is that you also get to visit a traditional Sri Lankan village and enjoy a home-cooked meal and sip a hot cup of tea sweetened with jaggery which is made from the fishtail palm. You can also visit a paddy field and watch the local farmers at work and then top it off with a canoe ride in a lake in Habarana.

Sure, it will be a slow tour, and it may not be the most comfortable, but no one will be able to accuse you if being dull! Don't opt for the same old sightseeing methods when visiting the island. Do something different and exciting that will make your holiday that much more unforgettable!