Jan 19, 2015

Colombo, something new and something old

Colombo is buzzing with life, dynamic quality and an infectious feeling of inspiration which is certain to rub off on anybody sufficiently curious to investigate its numerous roads. Colombo is assuredly a beguiling mix of the old and new.

Colombo, the business hub and the capital of Sri Lanka is a city that charms and captivates its explorers and voyagers with its energy and urban buzz with much to offer. The colonial legacy still to a degree exists in Colombo with provincial structures in Colombo Fort, the Dutch Hospital precinct and independence arcade now changed into chic way of life which are foundations to Cafes, restaurants and lifestyle stores. 

The varied nightlife in Colombo is an energizing mix for the young and the restless with chic bars, English inspired pubs and eclectic night clubs, offering something for all. The accommodation options in Colombo are numerous, The eminent 5 star accommodation such as the Hilton Colombo, Cinnamon Grand, Cinnamon Lakeside, Kingsbury to more medium scale hotels, such as, Cinnamon Red, Ozo, Colombo Courtyard, not forgetting the more affordable line of motels such as the City Beds offering clean basic accommodation for the adventurous explorer. The Tintagel and Casa Colombo are a novel experience by large among the many stylish boutique hotels which offer a unique and a luxurious experience for the discerning traveler. 

The food in Colombo is scrumptiously flavourful with numerous fine dining restaurants offering premium quality gourmet menus with superior service. The Gallery Café is one of numerous fine dining hotspots, not overlooking the Spoons and London Grill to name a couple. The more medium scale restaurants are many, the Dutch Hospital precinct which is house to numerous Cafes and Restaurants with WIP and Ministry of Crab being the top picks. The street food in Colombo is an avenue of its own with palate tantalizing surprises bursting with robust and succulent flavours.

Shopping and retail choices are a delight in Colombo with Odel being one of the much sought after stores alongside Cotton Collection, Leather Collection, House of Fashions and many more. Colombo is a constantly advancing city and is on a complete transformational mode towards the future with numerous universal brands coating up along with the abundantly discussed port city ventures, one can anticipate that Colombo will be a flourishing provincial center soon.