May 5, 2015

Deep Sea Fishing

During November up to about mid-April is the ideal time to enjoy some deep sea fishing on the South western coast of the island or on the Eastern coast from May until September.

This water sport is a type of angling which requires deeper waters and there are many places from which you could charter a boat for a few hours to a day. Fishing equipment including the rods, reel and bait as well as safety gear is provided almost always while fishing experts will accompany you to increase your chances of a better catch. Inland fishing on the other hand is not seasonal and can be done anytime during the year as the waters in the reservoirs and inland waterways within the island are relatively smooth and manageable.

The beauty of this sport is the variety of fish you could catch depending on your location. This is thanks to the vastness of the Indian Ocean every way around. The waters around Negombo are ideal considering that the town is a fishing village which a wide variety of aquatic life. Closer to the coast, you have greater chances of catching a large Grouper, Emperor Bonefish or a Snapper while deeper waters will give you the Spanish Mackerel, Seer fish, Kingfish, Shark, Barracudas, Barramundi, Trevally, Tuna and sail fish to name a few of the many! Head out early morning around 6 am as fish love to bite just before and after dawn. The thrill of the first bite, whether you are a first timer at the sport or not, is super! Cook your catch Sri Lankan style and relish it with some hot rice and curry afterwards – absolutely fantastic!

The upside when you're out on the western coast, especially in the region of Negombo and Kalpitiya, is that the waters there are dolphin territory and you might be able to see them swimming alongside your boat. Most importantly, don't forget your cameras to capture the memories!