Jun 29, 2015

Fly like a Bird - Paramotoring Sri Lanka

Let your heart soar, and your body too.....Paramotoring is the newest addition to Sri Lankan sports and is taking off with a bang!

This is a relatively easy form of flying and you can stay in the air for as long as your fuel lasts so it's really up to you. On a good-weather day, you can sail away with the aid of a motor on your back, then after about 10 feet, switch off the motor and let the wind take you over a vista of scenery that is usually, literally a bird's eye view of things. This is called the 'Foot Launch'. There are two other types of paramotoring as well. The 'Solo Trike' is when the pilot sits in the small aircraft while the 'Tandem Trike' is a two-seater flight for some company and double the fun.

This is a sport that is mainly meant for adolescents and requires the correct gear in addition to freedom from a fear of heights. This said, it is one of the safest forms of flight ever invented, and those wishing to try it out in Sri Lanka can do so with an instructor. Landing is done with the aid of a parachute.

Paramotoring is now very much the rage in Bentota, Koggala and Galle, close to the scenic Indian Ocean where the weather is mostly good, since this is a sport that should not be done in stormy or rainy conditions.

Sri Lanka's Civil Aviation Authority propels the interest in Paramotoring and has also supported the establishment of 'Sky Club (Pvt) Ltd., which is the first Paramotoring Company is South East Asia.

The Company launched the South East Asia region's first Aviation Sports Zone in Koggala early this year with a breathtaking Air Show. Already the sport is gaining ground in Sri Lanka and so many sports enthusiasts are trying it out. It's fun, exciting and an experience that's out-of-this-world, so make the trip to the South of Sri Lanka to try out this awesome flight. You won't regret it.