Jan 19, 2015

Galle, a town of old world charm

Laced in the south western tip of Sri Lanka, Galle is a city oozing with culture, workmanship, flavourful cuisine and grand colonial architecture.

The Galle Fort built in 1588, is the highlight of this beguiling city and is additionally a globally acclaimed UNESCO world heritage site.

Galle Fort

Galle has been a stopover for remote explorers for a considerable length of time from Sinbad the Sailor to Marco Polo to the Portuguese Admiral Lorenzo de Almeida and has been a monumental trading point in the ancient times. As certain as it may be, Galle has unquestionably advanced following its roughage day, however the colonial vibe still exists, providing for its curious vacationers much to wonder upon. 

Galle Dutch Fort

The Galle Fort situated along the shining blue sea is overflowing with substantial proof of a rich colonial period with its lanes packed with old European building design alongside a mix of an old Asian impact. Each building, every road portrays its own particular authentic story of a once majestic time, where men and ladies in their chic vintage clothing wined, ate and assembled to move and praise their life in this tropical heaven. The Galle Fort is buzzing with voyagers, both nearby and outside, taking in the history, getting a charge out of the sights and admiring expressions of the human experience and specialties prevalent in the territory. The museum is an absolute must visit, where one can envision the wonderfulness of a by gone frontier time. 

Pedlar's Inn Cafe Galle

While in Galle, one must experience its cooking as the choices are numerous, Pedlar's Inn nonetheless, is a famous espresso stop and a snug hang-out with a heavenly western motivated menu, the crepe-ology on the hand is a special bistro devoted in serving delicious French roused crepes with a twist, Pedlar's Inn and Crepe-ology are two of Galle's most prevalent bistros and tremendously raved by its guests. With the opening of the precisely safeguarded and restored Galle Dutch Hospital precinct which now serve as one stop chic hangout  of shopping, relics and different Cafes and Restaurants. The Dutch Hospital precinct is a perfect way to end your day and unwind in the Galle Fort with a scrumptious bite to eat with a refreshing drink.

Galle Literary Festival

Galle is likewise the home to the prevalent "Galle Literary Festival" where writers, literary critics, artists, avid readers, meet up to commend good literature, an occasion, anticipated by many, both universally and by regional standards. Galle is a quaint city out lined by immaculate shorelines, history sprawled over every last bit and rich in society holding up to entrance its visitors with all it brings to the table. When one encounters the first taste of this dynamic city, one is certain to come back to lounge in the heavenliness by and by.

Galle Lighthouse