Mar 17, 2016

Here's why you should visit The Sigiriya Rock fortress in Sri Lanka

One of the island's 'must-visit' spots, the Sigiriya Rock in Sinhala means 'Lion's Rock', and to this end, a great set of lion’s paws greets visitors to the rock as they ascend to the area that is considered its proper entrance.

Many refer to the Rock Fortress as the Eighth Wonder of the World, and for good reason. For those interested in a visit to this magnificent place, here are a few fun facts to know:


Sigiriya is a rock fortress. It was the palace of King Kasyapa in the 14th Century, and stands at an altitude of 200 meters.

No. 2

King Kasyapa built this fortress as a place of refuge when fleeing from his brother, the true heir to the kingdom.

No. 3

At a height of around 370 meters above sea level, the mountain elevation that forms Sigiriya is said to have been formed from the magma of an extinct volcano.

No. 4

There is evidence to suggest that the first humans of this area settled in the caves on the south side of the rock about five thousand years ago.

No. 5

The Fortress is a magnificent work of architecture, encompassing reservoirs to store water, lovely gardens and multi-level buildings, the relics of which survive to this day.

No. 5

A stunning attraction at Sigiriya are the ‘Sigiriya frescoes’- paintings of women on the rock surface, halfway up to the top which have been preserved thus far. While there is no indication as to who these women are, scientists have found that the composition of colors used in the paintings have been put together using beeswax and normal protein.

No. 7

The Sigiriya Rock Fortress has been included on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

No. 8

The best time to visit Sigiriya is 2 hours before sunset as the temperature is not very hot, there are fewer tourists on the whole, and once you reach the top, you are treated to a beautiful sunset.

Hope this has enticed you to visit this splendid location

The trip to the North-Central Province of Sri Lanka where Sigiriya is to be found, is well worth-it.