Mar 2, 2015

How about a sustainable green holiday?

For the love of mother Earth

Ever thought about holidaying responsibly? Protecting mother earth while enjoying your time off your usual routines? If you're visiting Sri Lanka we can recommend some luxurious yet eco-friendly resorts for a truly memorable holiday.

Jetwing Vil Uyana is most certainly tops our list. Why? Well this magnificent lifestyle hotel is built upon a man- made nature reserve consisting of a wetland system with reed beds and lakes. Doesn't it sound amazing? Trust us!! It truly is breathtaking. You can wake up to the singing birds and fall asleep to the sound of the crickets. The chalets have been built individual on a paddy field which gives the true eco living experience surrounded by nature. Although its core inspiration is drawn upon simplicity let us enlighten you that it's well equipped with all the lavish luxuries one wishes to indulge in during a holiday. A luxurious heaven amidst nature's most tranquil surroundings.

Our next fav is Jetwing Yala (your guess is right, the Jetwing group is much focused on responsible tourism). Jetwing Yala is a beautiful property built next to one of the most exquisite wild life destinations in Asia, the Yala national park. It hosts the largest privately owned solar park in Asia. 40% of the entire hotel's electricity requirements are generated through this impressive solar park. So go on, make your reservations and indulge guilt free.

Ulagalla Resort in the historic city of Anuradhapura is a beautiful and luxurious boutique resort with a history dating back to over 150 years. This 150 year old mansion has 20 private ecologically built villas and is a member of the Small Luxury Hotels of the world. Half their energy requirements are generated through their own solar farm and they also hold the LEED green certificate for their efforts. While they make all efforts to keep their carbon footprints bare minimum they grow their own organic vegetables.

Heritance Kandalama is a majestic hotel which is a breathtaking master piece of the world renowned architect Geoffrey Bawa. The natural surroundings have been carefully preserved during its construction and has won many awards as one of the world's most eco-friendly hotels. While they too have many certifications for saving energy and for environmental conservation, their core values are based on sustainability and giving back to the community and the environment.

So the next time you feel guilty about taking a luxurious holiday in this paradise Island, take our advise on these green hotels and enjoy a guilt free luxurious holiday where life is happier and sunnier all year round.

Happy travels.