Nov 27, 2014

Jetwing Yala! An oasis in the wilderness

Jetwing Yala can be described in many ways, an oasis, a luxurious getaway, hideout with modern comforts and the list continues. However, to me it was an unforgettable escape in to nature’s most tranquil surroundings, with all modern comforts.

The drive to Yala is a rather exhilarating journey through the highway until Matara and thereafter somewhat narrow roads at times through the bushy woods. I consider myself lucky to have witnessed many exquisite peacocks along the way as they were observing the passersby.

As I entered the private path towards Jetwing Yala, I felt an over powering sense of detachment from the busy world outside. As I stepped in to this serene property, instantaneously the world outside was forgotten. The staff extended a warm welcome with a refreshing drink.

The exquisite structure and architecture is well blended with its awe-inspiring natural surroundings with a conscious effort and a commitment towards sustainability synonymous with the Jetwing brand. Yala is a popular destination with its national park and a wondrous avenue to witness the magnificent wildlife in Sri Lanka, and Jetwing Yala depicts all that and more with its spacious accommodation and open showers which connects you to nature.

The tented Villas are most certainly the highlight of this amazing resort. Isolated from the main resort, the tented Villas gives you an authentic experience  of a camping site not compromising on luxuries and comforts, with a personal butler at your service 24 hours and all your requirements will be met with just a call. These villas are an ideal escape in to a stress free world of you and nature. Buggy rides are available from the villas to transport you to the main resort anytime you wish. The sunbeds under the trees will make you want to extend your holiday while the blissful view of the ocean will never make you want to leave. 

The attentive and courteous staff will constantly be by your side whenever required, attending to all your needs more often before you even request. The hospitality, warmth and the fabulous service of this resort compliments its tranquil ambience till the end of your holiday. The delectable cuisine is sure to tantalize your taste buds with its flavours and wide choice available.

Immerse yourself in the glory of nature and experience authentic Sri Lankan hospitality. Jetwing Yala is truly an oasis in the wilderness.