Feb 20, 2015

Luxury camping anyone?

Sri Lanka is a wildlife enthusiast's playground with an exotic birdlife and many endemic species.

Yala, Bundala, Wilpattu and Kumana are some of the most popular wildlife parks, however there's much more to explore within the wilderness of this magnificent Island.

While there are many accommodation options while enjoy the captivating wildlife in Sri Lanka, luxury camping is one of the exciting and fun ways to experience nature while being comfortable.
We like to introduce you to the luxury camping options which we recommend in this beautiful country.

Leopard Trails is no doubt one of the best luxury camping options you could find in Sri Lanka. Leopard Trails provides tented safaris in the middle of the wild with all luxury comforts and amenities. They will take you on an exciting journey of discovering nature's most intriguing treasures. Leopard Trails have tented safaris in Yala and Wilpattu both of which are two of the best locations to witness the majestic Sri Lankan leopard. These guys are experts in knowing the whereabouts of the jungle creatures and they will be happy to guide you through to have a memorable experience. The tents are extremely comfortable with all modern amenities including an attached bathroom. Private dinners amidst the jungle, scrumptious breakfast, and premium beverages are some of the things you can look forward to when camping with Leopard Trails.

Wild Trails is another recommended tented safari experience in Yala. Milinda, the Manager in charge is a well knowledgeable and a hospitable individual who will be happy to assist you in making your holiday in the wild a truly memorable one. Milinda has a group of individuals from around the vicinity to assist him in providing all necessary comforts to his guests including fantastic food. The Wild Trails tents are fully equipped with basic comforts and a private bathroom. Milinda and his crew provides Jeep Safaris to the Yala National park where you can witness the players of the jungle. Wild Trails is a great way to escape from the world outside and connect with nature.

The Secret Yala is yet another favourite of ours. They strive in providing an outstanding service to their guests and their crew will make you feel comfortable from the moment you set foot. The Manager is an environmentalist who knows his flora and fauna including almost all species of birds and most other creatures. These guys will go out of their way to make you feel like a celebrity amidst nature. They will fuss around you and oblige all your requests sometimes even before you actually make the request. Secret Yala is also equipped with modern tents and all necessary amenities including private bathrooms. Yes The Secret Yala is star class hospitality amidst the wild.

Next time you decide on taking trip to the wilderness when visiting Sri Lanka, you know who to contact. Until next time, happy travels!