May 5, 2015


If you're a history buff, or you are fascinated by the events of many, many years ago, a visit to our museums are definitely in order.

Delve into the history and evolution of Sri Lanka spanning almost 2500 years, and be awed by the stories of long ago. The National Museum in Colombo, which is located in Colombo 7 or 'Cinnamon Gardens' was founded in 1877 by the then Governor of Colombo. There is much to discover here with numerous artefacts from the Kandyan monarchy including the crown and throne of the last King of Sri Lanka. In addition you will find some remarkable ancient paintings, sculptures, carvings, and demon masks among many art forms. This museum houses several divisions dealing with science, culture and geology. You will be able to see and understand how people once lived, their clothes and footwear, weapons used in ancient wars the country's early geology, prehistoric items, fossils and much more.

If you are do visit the Southern Coast, the Maritime Archaeological museum in Galle showcases marine biological and anthropological artifacts from the Southern coast of the island. It is fascinating in the sense that you will also find on display things that have been retrieved from shipwrecks, maps, artillery, old boat models and century old items as well as depictions of real people who lived once upon a time. Devastated by the Tsunami in 2004, many artifacts were lost. However, thanks to the Royal Government of Netherlands, the building was reconstructed and restored.

The National Museum of Kandy has over 5000 objects depicting culture and history during the Kandyan period. Located next to the Temple of the Tooth, all of the primary exhibits are displayed in what is known as the 'Palle Vahala' building or the Kings' harem. Most of the relics date back to the 17th and 18th centuries from the Kandyan and Post British colonial era while  ancient moonstones, ola leaf manuscripts, old statues and earthenware symbolizing our Sri Lankan heritage is available on display.

For a nominal fee, you could obtain the services of a tour guide to understand better the heritage of Sri Lanka.