Sep 11, 2015

Nigel Barker enjoys a trip to Sri Lanka

Who could possibly not be familiar with the reality TV shows America's Next Top Model or The Face?

Hardly anyone related to the fashion world, one would think, because that's where we see the likes of Naomi Campbell, Tyra Banks and of course, the handsome Nigel Barker. The celebrity photographer and TV personality, Nigel Barker was recently in Sri Lanka to conduct a workshop on Fashion Photography, Modeling and Inspiration, an event that was highly anticipated, and that certainly did not disappoint

Well, the man can't be wrong – after all, he's made it big in the cut-throat world of fashion, hasn't he? He spoke to the audience about his career, what made him, and the lessons he learnt in the industry. The audience comprising local fashion designers, models, photographers and design students were enthusiastic to learn first-hand about this fashion guru's beginnings and career stepping-stones. Needless to say, there were many ‘selfie' moments after the workshop as fans thrilled to be in the presence of a fashion legend, waited patiently for photographs that will no doubt remain treasured forever. This event was made doubly special by the fact that it was almost like a coming-home moment for the celebrity who has some Sri Lankan blood running through his veins. Barker is of mixed ancestry, his father being half Irish and Portuguese, while his mother is of Sri Lankan descent, and a former Miss Sri Lanka. As such, together with his family, he was happy to spend a week in the island and discover some unique sights and sounds as he toured some key spots in the country.  

Barker visited Habarana

in the North Central region of Sri Lanka, Kandy – the historic hill capital of the island, the coastal city of Beruwala, Yala- one of Sri Lanka's top wildlife parks and Sigiriya – the ancient Rock Fortress of King Kashyapa. He had a grand time and vowed to return to the country for more work – and fun – as he thoroughly enjoyed the hospitality of the local people and the beauty of the country. He stayed at the beautiful Cinnamon hotels and resorts where he got a taste of 5 star pampering and amazing cuisine. Barker was happy to get involved in a few philanthropic projects on his visit as well, and raved about the island's massive potential to draw holidaymakers who love scenic locations, history and an array of culture to complete their memories.