Aug 10, 2015

Peter Kuruvita cooks with a view

Hailing from Sydney, Australia, world renowned chef Peter Kuruvita is a chef par excellence. Proud of his Sri Lankan roots, he loves cooking the local island dishes.And so, with the idea of bringing the unparalleled

Tastes and flavors of Lanka to the world, Kuruvita embarked on a ‘My Sri Lanka' cooking tour in the recent years where he invited lovers of good food to join him on a cooking expedition in venues across the beautiful paradise island. From the Sigiriya Rock Fortress in the North Central Province to Kandy, the country's hill capital and Galle, the country's southernmost tip, Peter's culinary journey is one of discovery for the world - an appreciation of traditional cooking techniques passed down from generation to generation and which comes as second nature to the locals.  peter-kuruvita1 Kuruvita's love of simple local dishes like egg hoppers, Kottu roti, chicken and fish curries is evident in his description of the spices and local ingredients that make the dishes authentic and undeniably Sri Lankan.

This is obviously complemented by the destinations where he chooses to cook in clay pots on open fires in true Sri Lankan style - atop mountains, in local village homes and outside camping tents - at some of the most exotic destinations a traveller can experience. But it's not all rough-housing, he also makes some stops at top-notch tourist hotels to check out the fare being concocted there and to add to his own cooking experiences. The sights are gorgeous, the destinations breathtaking. And Kuruvita plans to embark on such cooking tours of Sri Lanka on an annual basis - the next tour slated for October 2015. It's an invitation for all lovers of good food and beautiful adventure to join him. Kuruvita's expeditions are fueled by his love of Sri Lanka's hospitality, and his firm belief that the island deserves to be the world's No 1 Tourist Destination.