Mar 2, 2015

Resorts with a Historical Legacy

Let us walk you through some of the most luxurious resorts in Sri Lanka with a legacy that still lingers within their walls.

Have you ever wanted to stay in a luxurious hotel which has a rich historical past? How about an old palace which belonged to a Colonial Governor? Or a mansion which was once the home to one of the greatest political leaders?

Casa Colombo is a 12 suite gorgeous property located in Colombo with a contemporary twist to an ancient Moorish bungalow which once belonged to one of the wealthiest Indian trading families. The inside of the hotel speaks grandeur and elegance with a modern stroke of artistic interior which shouts old and new. With Italian and Indian mosaic floors, Moorish styled balconies, molded ceilings are some of the beautiful treasures of the mansion which still remains well preserved. The modern interior inspired by contemporary European and Asian trends are seamlessly blended in to the Colonial remains of the property. We highly recommend a night at this chic mansion to experience a charming world of old and new.

Tintagel Colombo is Colombo's most elegant boutique hotel with a regal legacy behind. It was once the home to one of Sri Lanka's most distinguished Prime Ministers and also the home to his wife the first lady Prime Minister in the world. Later their second daughter became the first lady President in the world living in the same distinguished home. Wouldn't you just love to spend a night in this majestic hotel which carries the legacy of one of Sri Lanka's most powerful families? This prestigious hotel has 10 beautifully appointed suites and the décor is flawlessly elegant.

Tamarind Hill is a 250 year old mansion transformed into a regal boutique hotel. Situated towards the south of Sri Lanka, this was built by a wealthy Sri Lankan aristocrat. Tamarind Hill is accredited the prestigious ‘Small Luxury Hotels' of the world.  The colonial splendour is very much preserved and restored in its original glory and a night at the Tamarind Hill will transport you back to an era of class and elegance.

The last house is also among our favourite list of resorts with a legacy simply because it carries the legacy of the world renowned architect Geoffrey Bawa. The last house was his final project which depicts a simplistic take on barefoot luxury. The house is colour washed in subtle hues and is overlooking ocean and the lagoon on the other side. We like to call it marvelous master piece of this magnificent architect.

While there are many other luxurious and elegant resorts with a legacy this is our short list of them for you. We hope to continue the list in future.

Happy travels!