Apr 10, 2015

Sky is the limit!

So there's the beautiful island of Sri Lanka, rich in culture and heritage where there's a lot to do and a lot to see.

From trekking and hiking through the mountains and jungles, to scuba diving, to whale watching, to kite surfing, and cycling, there is plenty on offer. What if you could get an aerial view of all this 500 to 2500 feet above the ground or perhaps higher as far as you are allowed to go? Drift over thick jungle canopy, look at elephants and buffalo roam, see green pastures, rugged mountains, birds flying or literally pluck leaves off treetops. Sounds wonderful? Well its' possible and a 'must try' for that whole new experience! 

Hot air ballooning in Sri Lanka is a new concept which has become a very popular option among tourists and locals alike who would like a birds eye view of the island. Being completely weather dependent, the best time to ascend is between April and November when the winds are ideal and weather sound.Get picked up a little after sunrise, and start soaring under the guidance of well trained and experienced balloon crew. A few wise suggestions would be to dress comfortably, wear a cap or hat to protect you from the heat of the burners, and above all not forget your camera! Those beautiful stills you capture will be rare and unique for certain. 

While families would love it, it might be a good idea to keep the under sevens with a caretaker. The burners are loud and can be a bit scary, while the walls of the basket are only four feet high which means anyone shorter will not be able to enjoy the view. 

Worried about safety? Don't be.All pilots must have a commercial license which is certified by the Civil Aviation Authority of the country they fly in. The balloons are also registered and certified for quality while all safety requirements are strongly adhered to. 

The annual Hot Air Ballooning Festival is held in March. Starting from Hambanthota in the South to Sigiriya in the North Central province and ending up at the Independence Square in Colombo, approximately 40 people participate from around the world. All the balloons are finally displayed for all to see. This might be a good time to coincide your holiday so come on over and get a taste of soaring over Paradise!