Mar 2, 2016

The Top 10 Commercial Hotels in Sri Lanka that are worth checking out

Sri Lanka is a holidaymaker's paradise as there are a so many options to choose from in terms of location – the hill country, the beach, etc., type of hotel – boutique, budget, etc., and type of holiday – adventure, wellness, etc. And with all these choices, an important factor that takes precedence is the cost of such holidays especially when considering one’s accommodation. In terms of hotels, there are some firm favorites that everyone aspires to try out, or has tried out at some point.

The Heritance hotels – Kandalama and Ahungalla rank high on many people’s vacation lodging list as they are comfortable, hospitable hotels that offer good food in their buffets and myriad activities to indulge in such as swimming, water sports, spa pampering, excursions and more. A special selling point in these two hotels is that both lay claim to more than one pool; Heritance Ahungalla has two in addition to a Jacuzzi, while Heritance Kandalama has three pools set at different levels.

The Jetwing cluster of hotels, namely Jetwing Lagoon, Jetwing Blue and Jetwing Yala are also synonymous with quality, offering an excellent collection of food and gorgeous surroundings where one can relax and thoroughly enjoy one’s vacation. Jetwing Lagoon looks over the Negumbo lagoon and provides a tranquil environment especially while you dine, and it is only a hop, step and a jump away from the beach as well. The pool is a lovely, spacious one with private cabanas alongside it for you to take a nap after a refreshing swim. Jetwing Blue too, boasts of a lovely layout with two pools- one near the club house and the other with in-pool loungers to relax. At Jetwing Yala too, the spacious pool is a huge plus, in addition to the wildlife and beach access. All three hotels serve up some truly delicious food; noteworthy is the yummy seafood on the menu, while they also provide a wonderful wellness experience.

Other favorites in holiday accommodation are Cinnamon Wild and Cinnamon Lodge. Close to nature and super in terms of hospitality and the all-round experience, these hotels are popular for a reason. Expect a flawless holiday as you get to do more for the money you spend. There really is nothing to complain about the food is delectable, the surroundings, divine. The same can be said of Cinnamon Grand in Colombo which is a Business Hotel in the heart of Colombo. With so many restaurants to choose from that serve up various types of cuisine from Japanese to Indian and more and various activities such as shopping and a Kids’ Play Area, you really need not look any further in terms of value for money within the city.

Travel to the East and you’ll find Anilala passikudah in a picturesque setting and spacious, comfortable rooms. Tastefully decorated, the hotel is a home away from home where there is a super pool, Kids’ Play Area, easy beach access and so much to see around the area

And finally, our favorite in the hills is Earl’s Regency where nestled in the mountains, you’ll find absolute tranquility. Unparalleled views, excellent food and comfortable accommodation characterize this hotel which attracts most of the visitors to Sri Lanka’s hill capital.

If you are a Sri Lankan, the chances are you’ve already been to most of these hotels and can vouch for their quality and worth, and if you aren’t from Sri Lanka, these are some places you should book without a doubt in your mind. They are truly worth the money.