Mar 17, 2015

White water rafting in Kitulgala - A rush of adrenaline all the way

Game for some excitement in the river? Do you have an unruffled temperament and decent physical stamina?

White water rafting in Kitulgala might be your answer. The ideal time for taking on the Kelani river is during May to December when the waters are safe. The scenery is amazing, weather ideal and you will definitely experience an adrenaline rush for a little over an hour!

Apparently, white water rafting is categorized in 6 grades ranging from simple to very dangerous to potential death and injury. At Kitulgala, there are five rapids which are graded at levels 2 and 3 and named according to their inherent characteristics. So we have ‘Head Chopper’, ‘Virgins Breast’, ‘Head Chopper’, ‘Butter Crunch’, ‘Killer Fall’, and ‘Rib Cage’ each of which excite to varying degrees based on speed! Fun, fun and more fun! For a greater thrill is the so called ‘black water’ rafting that entails taking on the rapids in the nights prior to and just after a full moon. All rafters are provided with headlights for this excursion.

The wonderful thing here is that you don’t need to know how to swim although being able to is an advantage. A personal flotation device which is part of the gear will keep you from drowning if you fall overboard into the rapids. Perhaps not for the faint hearted but experience the thrill at least once in a lifetime. Rafting is open to anyone above the age of 10 years at Kitulgala. With safety gear, modern rafts and a complete safety briefing given by white water rafting instructors, rafting becomes a heart pumper!

You could canoe or kayak for a calmer experience in the water or abseil off a waterfall where you hang by a mere rope over a pool of water below! There is a choice between waterfall trekking which gives you a close up of incredible waterfall scenery, cycling, walking and rainforest trails for more exploration and bird watching. Find your camping spot in the Kithulgala jungles and wake up to the birds followed by a cool river bath. If you are looking for adventure combined with excitement close to home visit Kithulgala.