May 3, 2016

Why Kalpitiya Should be on Your Sri Lanka Bucket List

Sri Lanka on your list of exotic travel destinations to visit very soon? Great!

The island is called the ‘Pearl of the Indian Ocean’ for good reason, and to experience the best of the tropical beach life, Kalpitiya should definitely be on your bucket list of places to see in the exciting island. The drive might be long (you can also fly), but Kalpitiya located in Puttalam in the North Western Province is a gorgeous corner of the tiny island that consists of 14 smaller islands. And if you love the water and marine life, then this trip is so worth your time. Kalpitiya is rich in biodiversity with flat coastal plains, saltpans, bar reefs, mangroves, swamps, salt marshes and sand dune beaches; everything you’ve always wanted to see!

Grab your camera as you head out to sea; the coastal waters are home to spinner, bottlenose and Indo-Pacific humpback dolphins and even whales and turtles.

Ask your hotel or any one of the locals in the area about the boats that regularly go out with tourists who love to witness these awesome species in the water.

And before you plan your holiday, make sure you go to Kalpitiya at the right time.

Sperm Whales can be seen between December and mid-April, while the Blue Whale can also be seen from time to time in this area.

And you think that’s fantastic? Think of all the fun you can have as you live the beach life.

The coast is full of beach hotels and the area is now developing as a tourist destination because there is so much to see and do. While you’re there, amp-it-up a notch and try something new. Kitesurfing is a favorite pastime of visitors to Kalpitiya due to the constant strong winds on the coast.

The ideal time for the sport though, is from May to September where there are winds of up to 20 knots day and night. The flat water lagoons and wave riding spots in the ocean make Kalpitiya superb for Kitesurfing. Not feeling confident enough to tackle the winds? No worries! For those who would love to learn the sport, there is even a Rascals Kite School that offers beginner courses by IKO and AKI certified instructors in safe and shallow waters in the Kalpitiya lagoon.

Try to also go to the Bar Reef, which is largest coral reef in Sri Lanka at 307 km in length, which can be reached by boat in an hour from Kalpitiya.

And don’t foget your snorkeling and scuba diving gear, or just hire some, as this is the best place to do both and revel in the beauty of exotic fish such as manta rays, reef sharks and sea turtles when they swim alongside you.

The Government of Sri Lanka is now developing Kalpitiya as a tourist hot spot, so while all areas may not be completely up to standard, the Alankuda beach is a lovely stretch of coast in Kalpitiya where there are some great beach hotels. These hotels also offer the whole gamut of excursions that holidaymakers look for including safari trips to the Wilpattu National Park and one day excursions to the historic city of Anuradapura, nearby. It’s sure to be a fun-filled holiday!

So make Kalpitiya a sure-stop on your travel itinerary to Sri Lanka; it will definitely be a trip to remember.