Kandy trio  Kandy temple visit plus market visit and tea Folly / queens hotel
Kandy trio  Kandy temple visit plus market visit and tea Helga Folly / queens hotel

Kandy Temple – The three-storey Aluth Maligawa meaning ‘new temple’ is home to many Buddha statues donated by Thai devotees, and stands behind the shrine of the Temple of the Tooth Relic. Be awestruck by the variety of gifts given to the temple that are housed in the Sri Dalada Museum that occupy the two upper floors of the Aluth Maligawa. A memorable place indeed….
Kandy Market – A wonderful place to wander through and gather some knick-knacks including handicrafts that the hill capital is renowned for, along with stunning gems and semi-precious stones. And why not stack up on some island spices, and some vibrant and tasty fruits as well? There’s so much to see and buy.
Helga’s Folly – What a gorgeous place to relax….Helga's Folly is an extraordinary hotel where one is able to believe in dreams that come true. Sip a hot cup of tea or find rest for the night- either way, it’s a place unlike any other and you’ll keep coming back to the whispers of entertaining tales that seem to pervade the corridors here.

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